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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our coaching staff has the talent and experience to help you improve your squash game.

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We offer individual and group lessons to all standards and ages of player

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Let us improve your competitive game with our proven methodology

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Incorporate squash into the curriculum

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Top Score Education’s personalized education programs, onsite at Squash on Fire, grow the roots of learning for all ages.

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Is your child the kind of kid who learns best with highly personalized attention?

Our coaches will help them to set short- and long-term goals, and then work with them to meet them. Through personalized drills they will work on movement, game tactics, fitness, and learn about the fundamentals of squash.

If your child prefers to play with others, they can join up with their friends for a group lesson, or sign up for one of our junior clinics.


Our drop-in clinics and six-week courses are designed around the abilities and needs of the junior players involved. We focus on progressing your skills in a fun and relaxed environment through specialized drills, movement routines, and games.

Summer 2019 Clinics

  • Little Juniors (K-2nd Grade) Wednesday & Friday at 5:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday at 9:45 AM
  • Junior Stars (3rd-6th Grade) Wednesday & Friday at 5:45 PM, Saturday & Sunday at 10:30 AM
  • Middle School (7th-9th Grade) Saturday at 11:15 AM
Clinic Descriptions


Our Beginners clinic is for players who are ready to make real progress on their game. Our coach will work with you on your work basic form and shot selection and help you become comfortable with playing games. This clinic is ideal for players who have less than 6 months playing experience. Minimum age: 14


Become a competitor! Focusing on specialized drills and movement routines for the developing intermediate player, this clinic is great for players who can hit five volleys and ten drives to themselves in a row (both sides). Minimum age: 14


Never tried squash? Our coach will cover the basics, including how to hold the racquet, swing mechanics and the rules of the game. With a primary focus on developing hand-eye coordination, movement and timing, this clinic is a workout for your body and brain. Minimum age: 14


For kids in grades K-2nd grade. Your child will learn the ABC's of squash, including holding the racquet, swing technique, and the basic shots. Our coach will focus on getting your child moving around the court and developing their hand-eye coordination and timing. Introduce your child to the game and new friends.


For kids in 3rd-6th grades. Get your child on court and excited about squash! In Junior Stars, we not only reinforce the basic of the game, our coach works with your child on new shots, ball control, court movement, and overall fitness. Great for older juniors who understand the basics of the game and are ready to play points!


For 7th to 9th graders. This clinic is great for older kids who aren't ready to catapult into lessons or Junior Academy and love learning in group. Our coach will go over the basics, including grip, technique, coordination, and rules of the sport, while incorporating fitness and games to make your kid sweat and have fun!


Join our next set of 6-Week Clinic Courses: Returning Fall 2019

Our courses are modeled after our popular junior clinics. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to learn when our new set of 6-week nurses will start. In the meantime, check out our popular clinics!


Score A’s on the Courts as well as the Classroom.

Our Squash on Fire Junior Academy will rapidly advance your squash whether you are looking to compete in tournaments or improve your game. Focusing on match play, physical training, as well as team-building we will develop and grow your squash game through consistent, structured, and fun training programs. Our team of international acclaimed coaches, will work with you to advance your personal goals.

Our program offer a combination of lessons to strengthen squash fundamentals and team clinics to reinforce skills so that players can apply them in a social, fun team environment setting with fellow teammates. Junior Academy is a combination of:

Private Lessons: Junior Academy players commit to 1-2 lessons per week. We work around your child’s after school schedule to find the best times and the right level of commitment for their age, goals, and interest level. These sessions are included in the price of your lesson packages.

Team Practice: Junior Academy players practice together on Saturday mornings for 90 minutes of drilling, match play, and fitness. Training together as a team is motivating and fun! These sessions are included in the price of your lesson packages.

Competition Extras: Junior Academy players receive free or discounted:

  • Team uniforms
  • Strength Training & Injury prevention assessment
  • Tournament coaching
  • Video analysis, and more!

Please contact us to find out more.


We regularly hold workshops and summer camps for juniors and adults, for all levels.

Join our summer camps:

Junior Day Camp from June 10th- August 30th:
Our junior summer day camps will teach your junior squash enthusiast how to play based on perception and decision making, with sessions on technique, shot selection and physical fitness. Camp comes with lunch at the Upper West Side Cafe and run from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Join for a day or a whole week.

Elite Overnight Camp from August 5th – 9th:
Come train at Squash On Fire with Ronny Vlassaks, WSF Coach to the Pros. Perfect for the competitive player looking to elevate their game at the top facility in the nation.


In addition to individual coaching, we work with clubs, schools and universities. We develop bespoke programs designed to help these organizations prepare their players for the national and international squash circuits.

Squash is a great sport to incorporate into your school curriculum.

According to the Sports and Fitness Association (SIFA), the United States has the fastest growing number of squash players in the world. Now, more than 200 universities in the U.S. have squash programs.

We currently work with:

Cathedral School

  • Director of Squash Ronny Vlassaks
  • High School - Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams
  • Competed in the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Squash Organization Team Championships

The Potomac

  • Coach Karan Malik
  • High School – Girls & Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams
  • 2018 Division 3 U.S. High School National Champions

British Int'l School

Without Walls

University Men

  • Director of Squash Ronny Vlassaks
  • Collegiate Club Team
  • Competed in the 2018 College Squash Association Chaffee Cup

University Women

If you are interested in bringing squash to your organization, please contact us for a free consultation.

Fire Up Your Mind

Top Score Education’s personalized education programs, onsite at Squash on Fire, grow the roots of learning for all ages.

Scout | Elementary & high school

SAT/ACT-101 WORKSHOP: Strategize the Journey & Strengthen the Tools
Saturday April 6th, 1:00 - 4:00, for Grades 8-11, $199

Intro to the SAT and ACT for High Schoolers. Less Stress for All.

  • Manage the hype and stress
  • MakeThe Decision(SAT vs. ACT)
  • Exercise systematic reading and math
  • Get in a gammar bootcamp

Transform testing from overwhelming to productive in one afternoon.



The Written Word strengthens the reading and writing craft, fueling analytical and creative skills that empower students across subjects, in and out of the classroom.

  • Reading Comprehension: critical inquiry, evidence based analysis, note taking and meaning making
  • Writing and Self Expression: systematic practice of ideation, structuring, vocabulary, grammar, creative confidence


Aleph | Adults:

Aleph is an immersive learning renaissance for adults. From magical realism and mindfulness to Kierkegaard and physics, students dive in to literature, history, philosophy and art. Addressing provocative, timeless questions, Aleph's practice enthralls the belabored modern mind while expanding attitudes, creative confidence, problem solving and communication skills.



Play the Junior Bronze Tournament at Squash On Fire June 15th -16th

Girls & Boys (U19, U17, U15, U13, U11)

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